Hello. This is a page to showcase my favourite plushies.
They go from my absolute favourites to my neutral favourites,
but you can't tell them that! They'll get sad and hate me..

My Hatenna plush. She's so precious to me. I take her everywhere,
even to my gym! I leave her in the locker room though. I don't want
her to get hurt or dirty. At home, she sleeps on a cushion from a doggy
bed, I got it for Sylvie at first but she kept trying to eat the bed so
I had to take it away.

My little adorable little Ponyta plushjahshugeaghshs. He is my BABY

My Jigglypuff plush. Once I mispronounced her name and she as been
"Jigglypluff" ever since. I don't treat her as kindly as Hatenna, in
fact I usually refer to her with it/its pronouns because I don't view
her as something with meaning. She acts as my outlet for anger so I don't
harm anything living; I throw her against walls and squeeze her like a
stressball but with more intent of doing harm. She's okay with it though!
She doesn't know that my other plushies get better treatment so she is
content with her life. Also, I love her. Just because I bash her stuffy
brain in doesn't mean I don't appreciate her! I bring her for teddy tea
parties and bake her fake cakes.

My Sylveon plush. Since he is so small, I don't make much physical
contact with him due to our difference in size making it tricky. I'll
give him the occasional head pet though! I usually bring him with me in
my bag, or even attached to my pocket. I don't have much of an emotional
connection with him, but I do bring him to a lot of places and sometimes
we have tea together.

I have been turned into a marketable plushie..uaugh

My Marnie keychain plush. We go wayy back. It started when Marnie
threw it at me for whatever reason. I threw it back. She threw it at me
again, I threw it back. This went on for a week before I finally got
her to stop throwing it at me.. but then she mailed it to me. That is
where I gave up. I kept it. I didn't do much with it, but somehow it
got a tear in the back of its neck which I have to sew back together. It
has had that tear since August 2023, I still haven't sewn it back
together.. for now, it's being preserved in an empty candy floss
bucket sitting on my shelf.